• Everyone else has one.

    A way to let their emotions go, to briefly shield themselves from the world and all its problems, a way to escape when life's troubles collapse on you...

    And yet, I can't seem to find one...

    Eating doesn't help.
    One can't sleep forever.
    Too young to drink.
    Never want to do drugs.
    I can't sing at all.
    Cutting's too painful.
    Not creative enough for writing.
    I was never much of a socialist.
    Screaming suggests insanity.
    My video games are either broken, or won.
    Reading is too stressful.
    I won't cry in public.

    So I continue to bottle up my emotions, not letting them show, just hoping that someday, I can let them all out without cracking...

    Ironic, huh, that the ones who express no emotion are called "emo"?