• Evil angel hear me cry
    Tell me how i will die
    In the chamber lying cold
    Or killing, growing old.

    Evil angel take me away
    We will be in hell one day,
    I know my hearts not here
    Watch me quiver, shiver, with fear.

    Evil angel hear me cry,
    This is how i want to die.
    In your place where you would be,
    Sacrificing life, not only for me
    For those getting beat,
    For those with nothing to eat.

    Choose now, leave me here dying,
    With guilt ripping, a life of lying,
    Or come in, breathe the smoke,
    Were still human, with broken souls.

    Evil angel im not afraid to die
    Knowing one day your'll be there,
    Maybe where i stand or lay,
    Or in hell with my dismay.

    Evil angel watch me cry, watch me die.
    Do not look away from my eye!
    Were not different i swear its true
    For our eyes both tell the truth.

    Evil Angel i want to die.
    Hear my last cry,
    Will you choose the chamber lying cold?
    Or killing, growing old?
    I do not fear,
    For i know you're with me here