• You stoped loveing me?
    I see you alote but everytime i do you act like im not there.
    Do you not love me anymore?
    Waht did i do to make you stop being near me?
    Mabey its you and not me.
    I dont know anymore.
    Everything is mesed up.
    You said you loved me,yet you betray me.
    You stoped chating with me,you stoped sending me messages of how mutch you missed me.
    Do i relly mean nothing to you?
    Im lost agian.
    I ask you,no tell you plese dont leav me.
    And you pronised you wouldnt.
    But its starting to seem like you lied.
    I dont know if i can ever trust agian.
    Or love agian.
    I loved you but my love is atarting to turn to dust.
    If you love me,than why are you hurting me?
    Why do you let me suffer such sadeness and pain?
    Will you tell me?
    Probly not.
    And when i am gone will just find another lady to love.
    And i bet you will be kinder to her than you are to me.
    I hate you,and love you all at the same time.
    I dont want to love you but you have cast your spell on me thus i am forced to love you.
    Plese tell me why,why you decided to leav me?