• Take my hand and we'll travel to a world.
    Where there's no such thing as war.
    Only peace at heart and love.
    This world is far up above.

    We could run through miles and miles of clouds and never get tired.
    Or I could make you a crown of flowers.
    We could sail around all day in a sea of music.
    And all you'd have to do is sit.

    Next to me forever and ever.
    Please don't ever say never.
    I call this place sublime.
    An addicting drug for open minds.

    And I could tell you I love you.
    Without ever saying a word.
    All I'd have to do.
    Is whisper to the birds.

    They'd sing to you about laughter and tears.
    They'd whistle about all the bloody fears.
    And when they were done, you would have fallen.
    Deep into the pit of love, and when you hit the bottom.

    I'd be there waiting for you ready to take your hand.
    And we'd run together across the white sand.
    Slpashing into the waves of irrevocable love.
    Too bad this place is so far up above.