• With each second of,
    Every minute,
    On every hour,
    I feel your being,
    Conflicting with my own,
    For you are the winds,
    And I be the earth,
    Two halves of a whole,
    Your beauty is for the world,
    But I see no sights,
    Your melody is for the gods,
    But I hear no notes,
    Your conversation is for the universe,
    But I speak no words,
    Even though we…………………..
    May never………………
    For you are what’s right,
    I am what’s wrong,
    Good meets evil,
    I’ll change,
    All sick and twisted ways,
    For the chance,
    To feel your sweet embrace,
    Tears fill my eyes,
    They become rivers of,
    Unadulterated love,
    Trade in my immortality,
    For one sweet kiss,
    Shifts my whole being into a state a bliss,
    If only for one night,
    Even just a few moments,
    May we slip back,
    Into that state of us,
    If not for the passion,
    Just maybe for the lust,
    Trust me,
    To be a part of yours,
    I’ll trade in my world,
    Give you my heart,
    In the end,
    It was all yours from the start,
    So open up,
    Let me in,
    Worlds inter twine,
    If you would just be mine…………