• You stabbed my heart out,
    And tore it to pieces.
    All this time I believed there was no doubt,
    But it existed in those crevices,
    Of your mind and of your soul.
    But it was not for me, but for another,
    And now it is you he stole.

    If you listened carefully, you heard my heart shatter,
    And break into pieces unimagined.
    My soul ripped and tattered,
    My love for you I could have never imagined.
    For now and always my heart will ache,
    Every time I see you in his arms.
    Dont worry if you see my body shake,
    Because there will be no harm,
    But the blade piercing through my chest,
    And the knife that you put in my back.

    Every day I ask god, is this is a test,
    But I hear no answer, and my pain still stacks.
    This pain is so unbearable,
    I want it to end so badly, so i grab a blade.
    I want to but am I able?
    I ask myself as I grip the bars on my figurative cage.
    I feel my blood pour down,
    And I feel my sweet release.
    Now I have trully lost my crown,
    Will my soul finally be at ease?

    Can you notice me now?
    Can you feel the pain in my soul?
    I know what you're thinking...You're asking how,
    It was you, my love for you took control.

    Now that I look back,
    I regret that eventfull day.
    Because all it did was make more cracks,
    In my heart, and how I want to run away.
    But I can't now because all I've become is yet another statistic,
    For those who thought I was sad and sadistic.
    They were right, and now they know,
    In my mind there's always snow.
    And so hard i tried not to show it,
    But I failed miserably because you could see it.

    Well now all you can see is blood,
    Pouring from my wrists,
    And no longer shall I be sold,
    To the dark and defiant scripts.

    As I lay here, my life soon to fade,
    Looking at the sky, my eyes blood red,
    All I can see is your dark shade.
    And as I speak these three words, my life now fades.
    And I hope you can see the mistake that you made.