• I hit my head against the concrete wall.. water flying off because off the collection of rain.

    I sit in what is now my corner.. the cold cement making me shiver.. continuing to keep my head and my single hand on what is now my wall..

    the walls seem to close in on me.. forcing me to continually shake for comfort.. it does not seem to help..

    this room has collected rain from it's ceiling, it's leaking from the impossibly heavy pressure.. I finally turn away from my wall, and curl into a ball.. resting my head on my arms.

    Why should I make them happy..?
    they, who now hold me hostage, don't know me..
    the part of me that laps up my own blood off the streets..
    the part of me that fantisises about a kill..
    the part of me that loves her...

    she as well holds me hostage..
    holds my heart and my very being within her beautiful hands..

    but I try to get rid of those thoughts.. thoughts of her..
    but it is useless to try to get rid of such a presence.. that haunts me with a simple look..

    I place my trembling hand on the ground, imagining her with her hand touching mine.

    I pull back reluctantly.. greiving inwardly..
    I curl back up.. pulling my legs toward me..

    the rain falls on my naked body..
    it somehow makes me comfortable.....

    with my head turned down I did not see it..
    the image..
    I heard a soft whispering..
    it was her
    a dark angel, a blessing upon my withered soul..
    her long, dark hair..
    her porceline skin and lighted lips.. full of kindness..
    she smiles, dimples appearing on her smooth, open face..

    the image disappears, making me cry out in frustration.
    I cry myself to a sleep of dreams..
    thoughts made of rain..