• Love is like a rose.
    It blooms into something beautiful.
    it's new,
    bright, and looks everlasting

    love is like a rose.
    it dies in the end into darkness.
    it looks dead,
    dark and looks crinkled

    love is like a star.
    it brightens up everything around it.
    it's bright,
    twinkles and can look small, but is really big.

    love is like a star
    after a while it blows up.
    it hurts everything around it,
    and makes you feel pain

    so next time it looks good,
    think of the bad,
    and think.
    is it worth it?

    some say it is,
    but gets hurt in the end.
    some say its not,
    and feel good inside, but they're really hurting

    but really,
    follow your heart,
    it will tell you the truth
    it told me, what about you?