• I'm sitting in the car,
    I just got out of school.
    upon my face a smile sat-
    but now I feel like a fool.

    He's sitting very stiff,
    a cold expression on his face.
    He doesn't even look at me-
    something's out of place.

    I try to talk about the day,
    but I am ignored.
    His job is more important-
    the thought pierced me like a sword.

    When we get home
    there's no embrace
    no loving smile
    upon his face.

    it's not the same
    when your father can't stand
    to look in your direction.
    much less hold your hand.

    So that's why I sit upon my bed,
    the bruise becoming clear.
    Bringing home a bad grade
    is my greatest fear.

    Because I have to be above the rest
    I can't ever be a teen.
    The bruise upon my face is enough
    So I act older than fourteen.

    Why can't he accept me?
    Instead of make me cry?
    Why does he make me feel this way?
    like I just can't wait to die?

    The pressure is too much,
    I won't stand frozen here.
    But how will I ever speak out
    when I'm frozen out of fear?

    Now we're back in the car-
    a wall in between.
    What will it take
    to be loved and be seen?