• Mary sits there, upon Joseph's camel.
    Glaring out into the midnight sky, and awaiting the time, when the world's hero will finaly be born unto her.

    She lay there, on the baren, cold, wet, sand, and rubs her pregnant belly, and imagines what the Lord would look like humanly.

    Joseph awakes, and taps Mary. Mary wakes up and boards her camel for another painful journey.

    They arrive in Bethleham, and Mary hears the faint clip-clop of the camel's hooves on the coblestone. Joseph can't find a place for Mary, so he stops at a old, run-down, small, little, farm house.

    Mary cries in the night, and within minutes, a new light shines, and all you can hear is the soft cry of the Earth's new-born king.

    The snow comes down, and Mary covers up her new-born baby, and Joseph cradles his wife and new-born baby.