• ~Remnants~

    I’ve been locked inside for so long
    A rhythmic tapping forming the song
    Collected dust that sprinkles the walls
    Panic that is felt from desperate calls

    The mirror reflects the mask I wear
    An unstitched seam forming a tear
    Bones that rest turn to dust
    And unending fear forms to lust

    Each tear the falls into an ocean
    A ballet preformed in endless motion
    We become the shadow of the day
    Silenced lambs without a say

    It slowly creeps in the dead of night
    The force that comes to steal your light
    Will you run or will you stay
    In the flowers where you lay

    Between the pages there is fate
    The hour is ending at a late
    Darkness fringes into the room
    Then it turns the haunted loom

    Find the key that holds you there
    The sickness spreads for you are fair
    Pressure builds upon your heart
    The day will come when we must part

    Truth is formed from broken glass
    Smeared around like oil and gas
    Leaves rustle but no one is there
    Your life is now a useless care

    Breathe your last breath for the hour has come
    Did you truly live unlike some?