• The sky is fading on the horizon
    Along with the sun, the mighty lion
    In my bed I lay
    In my mind is the thought of another golden day

    As I blow my candle to sleep
    From the hallway I hear a creep
    The sound so light, like the ocean spray
    I knew right then it was here to take me away

    Run to my window to escape
    In the doorway appears his cape
    Locked in, nowhere to go
    Here I am, please help me so

    Plead for my life I do
    The end was near was all I knew
    Scream escapes my torn dry lips
    In my heart I hear the skips

    Here I am, my life out of reach
    Here I am, now I must teach
    The thought that I am one of many
    Lost souls, yes there are plenty