• my thirst for blood is no longer more for,
    he obtained the thing i wanted more,
    for a while i was torn,
    awaiting my simple request to fill that whole,
    with no emotions to hide the emptyness inside ,
    i was scared inside for my one true light died,
    what was i without him,
    was i a monster,
    he brought my sadness to happiness,
    yet sometimes love dies,
    my great fear is to love once more,
    for will he live long,
    long enough to tell me he wants to see me smile,
    to help me when i need him the most,
    yet now he is a ghost,
    my light is dead and yet i will wait for that day,
    once i rest in the sky,
    i will finally reunite with him,
    there at peace i would be,
    but i still have to wait ,
    for there is more days to go bye,
    but here i lie with fear of no return,