• its not fare
    what your doing to me
    you say you want to die
    you hide me from the world
    you tell me youll never let me go
    and youll keep me in your arms
    but now your leaving
    and bringing pain to yourself
    i watch as the blade goes in
    unable to do anything
    blood starts to come
    i want to scream
    i cant do anything anymore
    you say you love me
    then why havent you stopped
    it hurts when you just leave me
    to walk in the darkness part
    of my mind and soul
    please come back to me
    im still here
    i havent left you
    just let me out of the cage
    you put me in
    let me have friends
    and let me live my life
    i cant help being the way i am
    this is me and you have to understand
    that no matter what i do
    i can not change
    so please
    let me spread my wings and fly