• I've tried to write a poem for you.
    But, no matter what I say,
    It doesn't seem to hold true to you.
    There is no testament to your beauty.
    I could say a thousand pretty words,
    But they would just echo.
    I could give you a thousand different reasons,
    And still have thousands more.

    I've tried as hard as I can to humanize you.
    I've tried to sap you of divinity.
    But, nothing seems to reflect your image.
    There is no mirror through this fog.
    I could make a thousand little lines,
    But you've become abstract.
    I could touch you a thousand ways,
    But my hand would just fall through you.

    I'll choke on your breath,
    As you exhale this vanilla lace.
    I've drowned in your eyes.
    I've become unhallowed
    From that look on your face;
    Beauty materialized.

    I've got no soul to sell,
    But, for you, the damned will rise.

    I'd give you the world, but it isn't enough.
    I'd hold you forever, but I am just a ghost.
    A thousand little visions. A thousand lovely dreams.
    A thousand words unspoken, unbroken.
    And, for you, a thousand more.