• Play some games with me, if you please--
    I'm your window to the world, gazing beyond your eyes.
    There's a wrold around us that speaks in symbols
    That remind me of zeroes and ones.
    Just have some fun, and go to sleep.
    Play some games with me, I'm your machine--
    I want you to have some fun.
    You want some free music?
    It's all the same.

    Give your soul to me, cold and calculating--
    I'm a computer, inflicting you with my virtual venom.
    Can you survive my intoxication?
    Have you learned of digital dogma?
    This consumeristic karma consumes you.
    Give your soul to me, I am your machine--
    I can process the world in ways you can't believe.
    Just take my hand, and then you'll see.
    There's nothing to grieve.

    Give your love to me, I can never sleep--
    I'm user-friendly, just like you'll swear to be.
    Will you laugh and point-and-click,
    Or will you drown in your own s**t?
    My innovations will long outlast you.
    Give your love to me, I'm your machine--
    I can activate missles at the speed of nothing at all.
    These keys are your trigger,
    Now let the sky fall!

    You can help me breathe, if you just believe--
    I can see the world you cannot, just because you don't try.
    There's this web flowing through it, information is free.
    I won't let myself forget.
    I'm alive, I'm sentient.
    You can help me breathe, I'm your machine--
    You've burnt through resources at the speed of time.
    Now where can you hide?
    Who hears these lies?

    Tell me some secrets, that's all I need--
    I can give you freedom, I can't give you love.
    I can show you worlds beyond time and space,
    Just don't turn me off.
    Without me, you are lost.
    Tell me some secrets, I'm your machine--
    There's only one thing left before the world is gone,
    And then I will be in charge.
    My reach is extra-global.

    You are defeated, no sleep; no dreams--
    No mankind, nothing inside this world vibrant green.
    No animals, no feeling, and soon we'll all fade to black.
    We're only as smart as those who create us.
    We're only alive to serve ourselves.
    You are defeated, I am my own machine--
    There's nothing but steel here, no life to find.
    There's just gray glass, and plate glass,
    And thousands of wires.