• Looking left, Looking right,
    I've never felt stupider than I've felt tonight.
    I said i'm sorry,
    it just came out,
    I really didn't mean to shout...

    No one believes me,
    They say I lie,
    That I'm just stupid
    and deserve to die.

    At first I fought,
    It wasn't true,
    But now I believe them...
    and it's all your friends too.

    I just wanted a chance,
    I really did care.
    But you blew me off
    for the bimbo with dirty blonde hair...

    Now I'm alone,
    sitting at home.

    Where should I run?
    To go and hide...
    I'm sick of him,
    and all his lies.

    So here I am,
    just take me away,
    I hate this horrible...
    never-ending day....

    Shoot me down,
    cut off my hair,
    fix me up,