• How Long and How Far


    How long and how far,
    Must I go to get to the,
    Bottom of the line.


    Nothing but orchids and roses to see,
    But no end of the line for me.

    The smell of the flowers are sweet,
    But the road's to bumpy for me.

    Your face is in the mountains,
    And in all of the trees.

    The sky's so wide yet,
    So raging's the sea.

    I don't know where I'm going,
    Or where I am to stay.

    Sitting here all alone,
    In the silence of my home.

    Thinking up this road in my mind,
    Yet I left you far behind.

    This driving's my confession,
    there are no signs or directions.

    So I go on smelling flowers,
    Heading for the raging sea.