• Song: Just a rose

    Just a rose would lead me to such deception.
    Just a rose could make me believe your mine
    Just a rose would lead me to such rejection
    Just a rose, would make me waste my time

    Chorus: Just a toke of affection no miscalculation
    It was just a rose
    It ripped and tore me apart, you broke my shattered heart
    It was just a rose

    Just this time I’ll be above your deception
    Just this time I’ll make you see
    Just this time I’ll be the one rejecting
    Just this time I will make you bleed


    I don’t know how I don’t know why
    Why I took all the lies
    And feed them to my soul
    Because you left me lone and cold
    Now see what I will see
    A dream that has a quality
    It is more than just a dream
    See what I really mean

    Chorus (Talk like singing)
    (Guitar gets really soft and singer whispers)
    It was just a rose

    Song: Alone

    You left me here and in the dark
    It filled my soul and filled my heart
    It kept me asleep you made it stark
    You tore me away you tore me apart

    I was alone for all to see
    It felt like an eternity
    You made me realize wherever I roam
    No matter what I am alone

    I traveled far and wide
    Trying to fill that hole inside
    You tried for dead but still I’m alive
    Just not on the inside


    I’m alone
    Oh yeah I’m all alone


    Song: We are monsters

    Hear the plea of the long lost souls
    forever tortured will they be
    Can you watch with happy faces
    At the sight of misery

    Chorus: We are monsters, things of oblivion
    We hear not the pleas of our own
    Now can you see why I call us monsters
    Why are we here in this obscure world
    Then look up to the blood red sky

    We are violent creatures
    How can we call this tame
    When bombs are used to kill people
    When we could help the starving children
    Why do we fight?

    How can we choose this life?

    Listen to the laughter
    Listen to the happiness
    Listen to the cries
    Listen to the misery

    Why are they laughing at their suffering ?