• What is love?
    Why was it sent from above?
    We ask these questions with concern
    Though, some people will never learn
    Love is the ultimate thing in life
    Love helps our families get through strife
    We must be patient though
    Even if our troubles won't go
    We must stand no matter what
    Don't fall or ever give up
    One day you will receive your prize
    That's when all our tears are wiped from our eyes
    Love never fails
    It will or it always prevails
    The pain will stop
    The chains to your closed heart will drop
    You will be happy another day
    Don't believe what other people say
    Just believe and hope for the day
    When love will take all our pain away
    So, what is love?
    It's the ultimate feeling that was sent from above
    Now, we are free and can fly like a dove
    As long as we feel love we will always be protected
    That,For love, it will always make our tears and pain come to an end heart