• We were in love, young and happy.
    You've even impressed my old pappy. biggrin
    We seen each other every yesterday.
    but closer and closer we got i've gotten afraid. sad
    lately you have been strange around me.
    whatever i do is wrong, whatever i say is wrong.
    Why do these roses continue to fall?
    why do my heart jumps at the scream of your call?
    Maybe becuse i know your secret.
    ..Here i am now facing you, trying to get a clue.
    You grab my arm, while looking at you.
    YOu grab a knife, and stab my twice. eek
    while the blood rushes out of my eyes.
    I cry " dear god, help me please!"
    while his forehead contiued to crease.
    I open eyes and stand up.
    what is this place? what have i become?
    I am above you looking down.
    AT my body i want to frown.
    but i know this i am in a better place now...