• Someone told me that you no longer love me,
    That you forgot all our dreams,
    That no more rhymes where inspired on me.
    Didn’t you know how much I suffer,
    Just for a good time with you,
    And after all,
    It never came to me.
    Then why, why do you still on my dreams,
    Why don’t you just vanish?

    After all this time,
    You still on my mind,
    I still have your image here inside of me.
    After all this time,
    Your presence is following me,
    And it won’t go away,
    Away from my life.

    Why did you think that I was a slave of you,
    That I will follow you to the end of my life,
    Suffering all your indifference,
    Why did you think that?
    Even when that was truth,
    Why did you hurt my pride?
    So deep,
    You pierced me.


    After all,
    You never think that I will just give up
    After all
    You still thinking that I’m following you x2