• Only when I stare into your eyes,
    Only then do I realize,
    That what my heart has been waiting for,
    Has stumbled upon a lost and locked door.
    Walking in on this kingdom of light,
    One finds the king, wrapped in ever-lasting night,
    Hark, an angel befalls me!
    And I rested my head on my knee.
    When I first glimpsed your face,
    I noticed a small place,
    In your eyes that were slightly misted,
    And when I introduced myself, it kindly lifted.
    I've been lost in blackness, but, I think I've finally found happiness.
    I've noticed something about you, an aura coming from within,
    But I know not where to begin...
    Be it in your eye?
    Surely so trusting that iI know it can't lie??
    Or is it in your sweet heart?
    Pretending to be bitter and tart...?
    Does it lie in your soul?
    My quest for your love has most certainly taken its' toll!!