• I love yew!

    My heart was broken, but you stitched it up
    My eyes were hollow, but you gave them new life
    I was on the road to suicide, but you stopped the blade
    I was crying, but you stopped the tears from flowing
    My life meant nothing, you are my only reason
    I was in pain, but you healed me
    I thought I was finished, but you gave me something to continue for
    I was a damsel in distress, and you were my superhero
    Even through my mistakes, you were always there to hold me
    When I was lost in the dark, you were my light
    I never said love in my whole life, so here it goes…
    There, I said it. Happy now?
    I love you and that’s all there is to it…
    I'm sorry, was that too much?
    I hope not...because I ment it...

    And I always will