• Through the pain
    I can still hear your voice
    I can feel you picking me up
    I can feel your heart beat against my skin that's now cold
    as cold as ice
    but he was dealing with it
    as he ran to get help
    as he was worried
    not wanting me to leave this world yet
    he didn't want me to leave
    as he loved me
    and I loved him
    when he seen the razor that was next to me
    I knew if I survived I was going to be watched closely
    he knew what I was capable of
    but under estimated what I could do
    now he knows that I'm capable of going trough with what I say
    i could hear through his sobs
    he was sobbing my name
    saying why?why me? he says through gasps
    as he cried I managed to say his name
    he was still crying but looked at me
    "hurry I'm sorry but I'm not wanting to leave you yet hurry"
    so he ran
    ran as fast as he could