• Oh sweet sir,
    Doust thou not know i'm calling?
    Grasp me with your sweet embrace
    Hold me tight, don't let me fall,
    Caress me like the Virgin Mary.

    Oh divine man,
    Doust thou mot see my lust?
    Entwine about these covers,
    Sprawl out on such warm skin
    And take my breath away.

    Oh dear love,
    Doust thou not think i'm safe?
    To pledge commitment,
    To share the bond,
    Till death do us part?

    Oh sinful beast,
    Doust thou not hear me crying?
    Seeing you leave without me,
    Departed and astray
    Knowing i will never see your face.

    Oh poor boy,
    Doust thou not feel my pain?
    Knowing i will not live.
    i bleed for you but knowing...
    you will never miss me.