• My song i made it up. After every sentence go dow a line thats how you need to read it
    I try alittle hard to get you away from me. Keep Coming Back to me.
    But ,everytime i do,you wont let me be. So fourth i move away
    Like a vampire you keep coming back to me But you move the next day.
    I run away you start to cry This is annoying get away from me.
    But,yet none of this hits your eye. If I liked you,you would be.
    I dont get why your here. Staying with me.
    Never the less i wont fall for a tear. But I dont so you.
    Shows that u just arent ready for me. Keep coming back to me....
    But,you keep coming back to me Ding Ding Ding....
    Hasnt any of this hit your head.
    Or will chase me till i dead.
    Call the cops i now your jailed.
    But,you come back to me.
    Leave me be.
    Operation get her to.
    Come with me
    But,I dont so You.