• Speak, speak as you will.
    Think, thoughts of those who prevail.
    Words, they form what can not be seen.
    And the things we wish to forget.
    Memories forsee what has been sought.
    Relics from a timely past.
    Omniscient beings circle you.
    Do you see them? Think for them.
    They appear, they listen, they create...
    They create and then destroy what you can't feel.
    Have you glanced at them?

    Now work through to the inner creation.
    Fight for what you want.
    Have you fought?
    One who does not fight will not succeed.
    Rubbish. It's all rubbish.
    The lies, the tears, the sweat, the love.
    Doth thee not care?
    Creations once stood erect here...
    On this spot, in this eye.

    But we, us, you, all,
    We have nothing to show for it.
    Relinquish what has been taken;
    Forsaken and unbroken.
    Or is it?
    Question me, you, I, them, he, and she.
    Question those which are against, for, and up to what you believe.
    The world, you see is a different place.

    So, in the words of the fathers, the mothers, the dead,
    So we dance.
    And I dance.
    And everyone dances.
    We dance the words and the thoughts and the actions that change.
    They dance to the sounds and the smells.
    Everything dances in the glow, the crevices, and the ditches.
    The light dances towards the dim and makes it sparkle.
    Bodies and thoughts and words, all dancing together to make reality.
    To make spirit.
    To make body.
    To make love.
    And they will dance,
    'Til the moment is right.