• emptiness

    You said you would never hurt me,
    well that was just a lie,
    from the time we met to the time we spoke,
    I kept everything bottled up inside,
    you got grounded and I was sad,
    but I always knew you were never bad.

    Time went on without a word,
    hoping that I would wake up and hear the bird,
    but nothing happened for about eight weeks,
    All I wanted was just a little peek,
    but my wish was never granted,
    and the time I spent waiting,
    I can never get that back,
    at least now I hope that he has found me at last.

    days went by and finally a breakthrough,
    a message from someone new was waiting to be read,
    Maybe I was better off dead,
    I didnt want to read the message from the unknown,
    so I picked up something and called your phone,
    when no answer came back, I read the letter at last,

    It explained that you had cheated on me,
    but didnt have the guts to say it to my face,
    instead you sent someone in your place,
    to send me news that I never wanted to hear,
    why would you do that to me, me dear?
    Tears fell from my face when I arrived home,
    something had happened inside,
    now all I wanted was to die.

    So many cuts were place on my wrist,
    that you would think that it was a bloody mist,
    A sleeve of black took over my heart that night,
    now all I wanted to do was fight,
    my way out of this hell,
    but you never gave me a chance to say what I wanted,
    so I cried that it felt like I had died,
    and now there is nothing inisde,
    leaving me with what we call my friends,
    as a little something known as empitness.