• Blood coursing through my veins,
    energy of my soul at the speed of light.
    Circulating, converting, circuit shot!
    Thunderclaps, blazing wind, dripping water,
    the ocean's tide pounding in my ears.
    Running, running, my lungs filled with air.
    Fly! Fly! Like a fleeting bird!
    Crushed by lightning, eardrums popped by
    the rhythm of thunder, light penertrating through
    graying clouds, like a bird soaring straight through the
    eye of the storm.
    Ashes, the pieces that flew away in the end will be
    bursting into flames through the cold, suffocating air.
    Someone dries up into nothing,
    someone laughs with eyes that pierce like ice needles.
    Instantaneous combustion, burning sparks, direct discernment,
    thunder roars through the cloudy sky, the shock of lightning coursing
    through your soul, your spirit sparking, screaming through the sky.
    In this world, our souls shriek at full speed, sprinting through the sky.
    Eternity and forever is not the issue, it's doubtful
    that it will ever happen wouldn't you say?
    Even if you rise her flame to its full potential,
    She'll go her own way and be perished by the roar,
    the pounding cold air, the water thudding on her skin.
    Flying, running, your body covered slick with blood,
    scars slashing through your soul, bruises penertrate your skin,
    yet you howl with the fierceness of thunder ;
    running, flying, sprinting through the sky with your soul on fire,
    the thunder coursing through your blood, your eyes sparked with
    flames and lightning through the ever-changing sky.