i hide behind a mask of formaity
    of which it confines the constrains of which no emotion is allowed to be shown for even a single tear will earn me sorn of which there is no end
    the mask is my prison i alone reside there in its empty abssy where no light shines in long have i worn the mask afride to show who truely wear is behind this that i wear for not even i know who is behind this maks anymore i long have i forgetten my own reflection in the miorro there it give me reason not to take the mask off for fear i will not like what i see in the miorro and thus the miorro is also my prison as well i don't know if i shall ever be able to take off such a prison for i have grown accustumed to it and now afareid of the light and the fresh air ! until such a time that i am set free by loves hand and even as such i do not know how i will fair out in the sun for the mask was all i've ever known.