• There was once a little girl know one knew what to do with she was just there nothing special nothing more then a meaningless face in the world everyone was ignoring her only her mother knew she was there loving her every moment in life. Her mother always thought she was just to great that everyone was joules of her so they ignored her. And that little girl believed her until that dreadful day when her mother decided to cook a loaf of bread she asked her daughter to get some wheat, and when she came back the house was in flames the little girl tried so hard to save her mother but could not get to her without killing her self soon after men started to try to put the fire out. After hours of burning the fire was finally out the only thing left of her mother was her necklace that had a picture of her and her mother in it.She grabbed the necklace and put it around her neck.Fears raced through her mind "How will I live now that mother is gone,where will I live now that the house is gone?"She was so upset but she knew that she was going to have to shape up and find a way to life and earn money. She go a job and worked most people don't want a nine year old working at there store so the only person that would take her was the bread market so everyday she was confronted with the death of her mother.She made a new house out of the money she made at the market cooked and cleaned she sowed her blanket but you have to remember that she was at the age of 10 and living on her own.One cold night she prayed that her mother was happy in heaven and that if she could hear her to help her this winter told her about her day as always and how the sales are going down so she was not going to be able to get reglur pay.She bearly made it through that winter at the end she had just enough money to get a new hair brush and her boss gave her a sheep so now not only did she have her self to feed she had her sheep to feed. The sheep was not hard to take care of she named the sheep Leah after her mother. Leah grew and grew untill she was big enough to help around the house Leah helped with making the bed and sometimes cooking. By this time the little girl was no longer little she was a full grown teenager at the age of 17.One day at the bread store she meets a man named Jasper only a year older then her. After they saw each other Jasper always came to the store and bought the same thing white bread and cheese. Jasper asked her name on the fifth day "Its Jess"she replied. Jess got fed up with Jasper buying the samethng everyday so she asked"You come in this store everyday and buy the samething why dontyou buy something else?" "Because I dont have to my dear." So Jasper bought the samething everyday but one day she bough cholates and flowers "Why did u buy cholates and flowers?" Jess asked."Its for someone specail." Jess was puzzeled by this and heart broken she had came to love Jasper. As Jess walked home she heard Leah, think Leah was hurt she ran to the house there was Leah on Jaspers lap.In his hands was the flowers and cholate hes had bought this morning."Told you it was for someone special." Jess ran into Jaspers arms. They talked all night untill Jess fell asleep in Jaspers arms.In the morning when Jess woke up Jasper was gone.She looked every where in town only to find that he was no where to be found.Jess sat on the bench neer the park thinking of what shewas going to do now. A flash of a fimaller face out of the conner of her eye, it was Jasper with a little black box in his hand.He got on his knee and said "Jess darling I love you with all my heart all I want is you will you be mine?"Jess was so happy she could not speak a word only hug Jasper."I'll take that as a yes." They both laughed. On the day of the wedding, Jess in white and Jasper in black,she had a feeling that her mother was waching her and was pround that she was happy and loved. Leah was the flower girl all washed and clean she looked as if she was in a white dress her self.
    And They All Lived Happly Ever After

    The End