• I put on a happy face to show the world
    But is there really happiness behind it?
    Or do I put it on to hide the sorrow that I feel?

    I hardly cry
    It’s hard to cry
    But when I do it’s for a dumb reason.
    I’ll feel the emotion behind it but nothing comes out

    Am u really tricking you?
    Do you believe me?
    Or do you see the sorrow in my eyes?
    Are you one of the people who look further than the face?

    I must be a good liar
    Because I’m fooling every one.
    They see nothing wrong
    But do you see it?

    Please save me
    Save me from this trap I have fallen into
    I’ve saved you
    Now save me

    When your there with me I can slowly crawl out
    But that’s not enough
    Please don’t leave me
    I’ll fall further if u do leave.
    So don’t

    It’s amusing how fast it happens.
    I’m actually happy, no mask, one minute
    Then the next I slipped and falling further down.
    Until you come.

    Then you lend a hand
    Place it in front of me to take.
    And I take it
    Its warm compared to what I feel
    I embrace it, and you embrace me.

    I feel better…..temporarily
    But then u leaves, once I’m out of the trap
    Then I'm on my own.
    I stumble and fall into it again.

    How long will I be here?
    In the dark.
    Blind to every thing but you.
    I put my arms out to feel…
    Nothing I cannot feel anything

    Then I see some thing
    I see light
    And I walk toward it.
    I have no choice it’s pulling me to it.

    I’m there and you aren’t
    I look around and everything is white
    White as white can be.

    Am I in heaven?
    “Yes” a voice answers…it sound like you.
    Did I die?
    “Yes” the voice replies.
    “In my arms I watched you. I tried to save you, but couldn’t. After you died I did.” It answered again.

    I look around more…
    Then I feel arms wrap around me. I turn around and there he is…

    I look up and say
    “I was lost but now you found me”
    “Yes I did my love but it took a toll”
    “True, but we have all eternity together.”
    “Yes we do.”
    And then we kiss