• I’ve tried all the ways
    To forget you
    To make you part of my past
    All I want now is to
    Go back to the “starting line”
    And try to live once again

    All our moments
    Make me think on you
    In deep memories
    Imagine you’re here
    Close to me…on my harms
    Looking into my eyes
    And desiring to kiss me…

    Regaining the hope and faith
    I want to start again…
    With you at my side
    I’ll find you somewhere
    And tell u how I feel
    To find my way back in this life
    And all the happiness I once had

    Together in all these moments
    I see your smile
    All the memories I hold dear
    I love you till the end of time
    Cuz all I can think now…
    Is you…