• I try to reach out to you through the darkness that I see
    Devouring my soul and blinding me
    The shadows creep across the floor, onto the wall and into my heart
    Suffocating me and tearing my soul apart
    It's not the pain of this that I feel
    But the torture of not knowing if this is real
    And it's not the words that I try to speak
    But the gloominess of revealing that I am weak
    Though it's sacredness that keeps me here
    Lies flow through the walls contributing to my fears
    Silence is not an issue but I wish it was
    Cutting deep into my skin but not shedding any blood
    My self mutilation sometimes keeps me occupied
    But my will to live is not as strong as my will to die
    My self afliction fades into the nothingness
    Leaving me to learn to love this loneliness.