• As if hit by a misile, the pain blasts through me. Numb, angry, depression strikes me like a knife in the heart, but worse.

    At least a knife in my heart would kill me, but alas-I still live on. I have to live the pain, endure the torture, day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, feeling so alone, misunderstood, and ignored, while having to pretend nothing is wrong to my friends and act out my life in fake smiles, and phoney laughter.

    No one is there, no one is ever there. I stare in my room, wishing I saw the friends I never had with me, the friends who cared, understood, and comforted. But instead, I only see an empty room, with one lonely girl in it. If I was somone who could help that lonely girl, I would. Why is there no one there to comfort her as she dies in her misery? Is there someone out there who would comfort her? If there was, then why was I all alone, drained out of words to speak, left with only empty, heartless air to breathe?

    And why should I breathe the air? Air is what we inhale, in order to live. But we live as much as we die, and the time in between is filled with different kinds of turture until our death.

    The torture of friendship, it's perfect when nothing is wrong, but when your friend turns their back on you, or dies, you can barely handle Life's cruel ways. The misery of family, and how it can damage you. When your most loved family member is earased from your life, or your family is one of the cruelest, how can you not crumble under The Depression Demon's hand? And love, the strongest torture. When you truely love someone with all your heart, what happens when your pulled away from that force? That Emotion? Emotion too strong for our feeble languages. What's the point in living? Life slowly tortures us more and more with every murder life commits by knocking off our cared ones from our lives, one by one.

    So what would make the difference if I died? Would it hurt someone inside? If I tore my heart open, who would come to comfort and help me?
    I See No One....