• In the sky, we can see no sun
    Only a shrouded projection,
    Of what is and has been done
    Without the Star of heaven, our eyes are blinded to right
    We build fires to darken this eternal night
    The Forest of our lives now cinders, "You were only dreaming,
    your dream only hinders what is to come"

    Hope's Rays are precious without wisdom's brilliants,
    "No where to be found", Existing now only as reflections
    From a heart to your soul, forever in rebound
    So now our lost star litters the ground;
    Baring solace once felt gazing to infinity;
    Wished away by shadows of our humanity

    Amidst the ashes of our former life,
    Love's nurturing light has become an undeniable reality;
    A lesson learned from smoke and compassionate hands
    Reveling radiance cast unto the resting place of beauty;
    The seeds to new growth with each divine experiences
    Something never lost while light is still in our hearts

    Together we'll stand, bright as a new sun,
    and it will be plain as day that we are all one.