• My stomach is filled with pain I cannot describe
    No longer should I feel the warm vibe
    I feel empty and low
    And cannot live and walk so slow
    My loss was my love and he was precious
    He gave me my desire
    Underneath a coal of fire
    My loss is great but.....
    It's too late

    I saw the terror increase hundreds and sorrow overcame me
    I couldn't beleive my eyes on what I see
    A man walked with such grace I nearly fell without noticing a rock beneath my feet

    I couldn't be strong enough when the killing started
    I gave my strenght through his heart but it wasn't enough
    The next day was his funeral and I kissed his grave so lightly
    I wanted to be there and not lose my precious love
    But it flew away and my loss began

    I didn't think on what to do but I almost did suicide
    But a voice of an angel by my ear said to forget my troubles and my fear
    I listened and stopped and forgot my loss but it always came back when its another person's loss.........