• If I could knock the bird from the sky
    Watch it fall and hear it's cry
    Never will I knock that bird
    From the heavens above for it'd be absurd

    Knock thine bird from the heaven nay will I
    For I shan't ever cease to hear the pained cry
    To harm the innocent wings would register sin
    For innocence again is not abundant to human kin

    That bird represents my angel
    My angel turned out to be
    My malicious notorious devil
    As much as I want not to believe

    For now you know why
    I shan't kill that angel
    That winged creature
    That I professed love

    Nowadays I see that bird in the sky
    Flying next to another, the winged doves
    I hold on to the rock ready to be thrown
    But I will not launch it and you will know why...