• To Love

    This is to my love and all the loves of life i love the way you kiss me and hold me tight the way you listen when i cry and try to make it better the way you tell me every day first thing when we wake up with the stinky morning breath I love you and every night when we go to bed you hold me tight i even love the face you get when i win a fight that devestated you suck face and i love the smile you have only for me that no one elese gets i love the crazy things you do like when you play a video game and get so into it that you turn the controler like it is a steering wheel and you look so dumb and cute at the same time I love the way you only comb your hair one way and when i try to fix it it falls right back in your eyes i love the way you are so beautiful to me in every little thing you do from the close on the floor to the way you sleep and the first time i looked in your eyes i knew we would be togather forever and to this day almost 2 years later nothing has changed through out everything we went through it was always you i ran to for every thing now that im sick you hold me when i cry and tell me it will be ok and you will never go away and it makes me love you more and more every time you say it i love you my love my Timothy my heart and soul my rock and sterngth i love you always