• They say I'm godlike,
    I think not,
    They say I'm beautiful,
    I think not,
    But one thing they tell me,
    I know is true,
    It comes from the heart,
    I break those hearts they tell me,
    That is true,
    But not what the real truth is,
    When your gone,
    I'm invincible,
    But when your here,
    I break down,
    I am immortal when your not here,
    I am human when your here,
    People tell me I'm,
    I tell them no I'm not,
    They think I lie when I say that,
    But now they know,
    Everything that he does,
    It reminds me of you,
    We were meant for each other,
    You used to tell me that,
    And I believed it,
    But now I know,
    Your mask is gone,
    You tried to take away my invincibility,
    Now you know,
    I am Invincible!
    You used to think I was a child,
    But now I'm all grown up,
    I don't believe your stupid lies anymore,
    Because now,
    I am invincible again.