• I silently watched,
    The rain swish and swash.
    I could hear the rain patter,
    Like rocks hitting a tin platter,
    And I placed on my bed,
    The book that no one read.

    It’s sad little cover,
    Crusted with chocolate milk (from my brother)
    I stared at the wall,
    Thinking nothing at all,
    But of the book on the bed,
    The book that no one read.

    A secret was hidden in those pages,
    Secrets of things, people and places.
    No one knew for very sure,
    What lay on those pages now and before,
    And that is because that no one has said,
    That they read the book that no one read.

    I dared to open the creepy book,
    But pulled away as the house shook.
    Thunder boomed and as I stepped away,
    The tree outside started to creak and away.
    The lights flickered and my candles went out.
    All I wanted to know was what the book was about.
    The book that sat on my comforting bed,
    The very book that no one read.

    I ran out my bedroom,
    I could hear myself zoom,
    I ran straight out the door,
    My feet barely touching the floor.
    This was all because of the book on the bed,
    The scary, powerful, secret, book that no one ever will, or has read.