• Two halves that are so different,
    You wouldn’t think they’d beat as one
    A lifetime of broken promises,
    Has one half slowly going numb.

    With no hope to light its way,
    It roams aimlessly through the dark.
    Thinking if this is all life has to offer,
    Then why even play its part.

    But on the other side, the other half
    Is full of hopes and dreams
    It couldn’t get much happier,
    There’s no other place it wants to be.

    You see this side it never stumbles,
    It always sees the light.

    Never has a bit of doubt,
    Even when its beating in strife.

    I know it seems impossible,
    You may never understand.
    How one compliments the other,
    You see they go hand in hand.

    And I realize its easy to judge from the
    Outside looking in,
    Your thinking that this couldn’t be the
    Way this has always been.
    So I’ll let you in on the secret,
    You see in this story I play a big part,
    Those two very different halves,
    Are the two halves to my beating heart.