• Hello,
    My name is unimportant
    For you can not see
    Just what those children around you
    Do to people like me.

    There are the beasts who bully,
    Who punch,
    And who kick,
    And who break our bones
    With anything the can find and use
    From their arms and legs to random sticks and stones.

    But then there are the demons
    The meanest of the beasts of bullies
    Those who gang up on you
    And tear you down

    These demons multiply
    And gain the help of the ones
    You think are your friends.
    As well as the ones
    Who know better than to follow the crowd
    But the fear of the demons
    Keep them from doing what is right.

    Children like I can not turn to adults.
    The adults are blind
    They can not see
    They're just as blind as they are deaf
    To the silent cries for help
    From the children like me.

    It was never my hand that grabbed the gun.
    I never was the one who loaded the gun.
    It was never I who had taken hold of the belt.
    I never was the one to take the knife.
    I never took the rope
    Nor did I make the knot
    and hang the rope over a rafter.

    I am the child who pulled the trigger.
    I am the one who choked myself in my living room.
    I am the boy in the bathroom at school
    Who ran the knife across my wrists
    And drew blood that would forever stain the school's floors.
    I am the girl who was lied to over the Internet and
    Who hung herself in her closet with a belt
    And lost my life as my parents tried to save it.
    But they, like so many others, were too late.

    Just like Actors and Actresses,
    We didn't set the stage.
    Only committed the scene.
    But the worst part of it is
    Not the in the audience who laugh and who point
    But those who sit back and do nothing
    When they could've done something
    To make things right.

    Our names have no meaning.
    They have no importance.
    Unless you can finally see
    Just what children do
    To the social outcasts like me.

    But your eyes are swollen.
    You cannot see.
    We must be stupid.
    We must be mad.
    Why else would society
    Treat us so bad?

    We're the nightmares, the disasters
    At least that's what they always say
    We're a lost cause, not heroes
    But maybe we'll make it on our own
    We might prove then wrong
    But it's still us against the world.

    The hurt and the pain
    Again and Again.
    Oh lord, Have mercy!
    Oh please let it come to an end!

    While you go out through the door,
    Do you see our souls
    Sprawled motionless on the floor?

    There is nothing sadder than a child
    Who has barely seen the world
    And yet knows enough about it
    To know it is not what they wish to be apart of.

    So with this we leave you.
    Our letter of our sorrow.
    Please if you would
    Pass this around.
    We'd be happy if you could
    Don't smash this on the ground
    Please, just pass it along.

    If you pass this on,
    Maybe people will cry
    Just keep this within the heart
    For the people that didn't get a chance to say "goodbye"

    You need not know our names
    Just our stories on how we were bullied
    And found only one way to escape.

    Escape society,
    Escape the pain,
    Year after year,
    It happens again.

    Make our names have some sort of meaning,
    Have some sort of importance.
    Please help others see
    Just what bullying does
    So no one else will end up like the ones like me.

    Please do not think
    That this is just an unfortunate normal part
    Of society grouping.
    Just what is normal about
    Hanging oneself from the rafters?
    Or cutting one's wrist?
    Or lodging a bullet into one's brain?
    Or using a belt to die while your parents try to save you?

    Please, help stop bullying in all its forms