• Walking down a empty sidewalk
    kicking cans against the wall
    looking up to the sky now
    thinking what's really out there
    Father God?
    Who said, what about religion?
    Outer space?
    Who said, we could go there?
    Shadows chasing right behind me
    like a pack of hungry wolves
    there's nowhere to run now
    there creeping down the walls
    Grim Reaper?
    But its not my time yet
    just the earth?
    spinning away from the sun
    there has to be a reason why
    I've fallen from the sky
    left every thing behind me
    and thrown it all away....
    why cant we tell when the world is ending?
    why cant we see the evil right before us?
    please tell me the reason, there's no Jesus now?
    Nor there is no holy profit, and why the sky is red?
    loads more questions coming in now
    asking why were here?
    try to force them out of me
    they just don't seem to go away
    Running till you cant no more
    till your knocking at deaths door
    the one you've been running away from
    its just, become, worthless......
    there's something deep inside of us
    makes us different
    and it wont go, away....