• Yesterday I was numb
    Today I'm in pain
    Wish I could rip my heart out
    And never feel anything again

    I may be exaggerating
    I know you don't feel that way
    But let me tell you
    This hasn't been my best day

    She's the one that told the truth
    I'm a coward, it's true
    I asked you how you felt
    Now there's nothing I can do

    A few tears run down my face
    Not those big, heavy cries
    I would never be able to do that
    Without a little surprise

    There's no way I can tell my mom
    She's sure to laugh in my face
    My dad won't be any help
    I'd be frozen in place

    As this poem comes to an end
    I stop to think about the past
    Those very few words you said
    I hope they will not last.