• As the light in the room dims,
    You feel your demise creeping in making a soft little din.
    The evils of the outside world,
    Are merely brothers of the devils kin.

    But they pose a threat so great,
    You feel so alone in the dark.
    Your hands clammy and weak,
    The demons creating their mark.

    You try to push the insanity away,
    To think of something better.
    Sunshiney parks, and tranquil meadows...
    But death has issued you its letter.

    The rotten stench of corpse, the awful nagging doubts,
    You see the blood like a river.
    You look away, you hold fast,
    But you cannot help but quiver.

    Demons stalk on deathly silenced feet,
    Claws glinting and with a crazed expression.
    The cold, cold blackness making you choke,
    Releasing you from all real perspective and dimension.

    But then the door opens and the light shines through,
    Heavenly beautiful light...
    And you see your salvation staring with a worried expression,
    Burning away the fright.

    You run to them, embrace them.
    You hold them and the darkness eeks away.
    Youu want to laugh in the darkness's sober face, but you cry in relief
    On this black shadowy night, you have nothing to pay.

    Shadows had overcome all insanity,
    The darkness had seemed so real.
    But when your with the one you love,
    Nothing can linger on your appeal.

    Because when the darkness has something to feed on,
    It takes its chance and attacks its prey.
    Loves light is stronger and withers away the shadows.
    But, don't get comfortable. It'll come back some day.