• It's almost five months, my dear.
    Do you think we will last?
    I can't imagine what will happen
    When senior year comes
    And we come to split paths.

    You down one road and I, another.
    Will our paths converge once again?
    Or will we simply travel further,
    Further and further from each other?
    What is to be will be, right?

    Will we remain together
    Even a thousand miles apart?
    Surely that is an appealing thought
    But I can't bear to think of holding you so tightly
    Like a delicate butterfly whose purpose is to fly.

    If we part, I'll certainly be sadden.
    I'll miss the way our fingers intertwine
    So unevenly yet so perfectly.
    I'll miss the way we hug
    How we fit together so well.

    If we part, I'll certainly be sadden
    Knowing that I have to move on and find a new happiness,
    Knowing that someone else will make you happier,
    Knowing that this sweet romance will have ended,
    Knowing that this first love has been so short.

    I write you this poem,
    Despite that you'll never read it.
    Such unorganized form
    Is proof of my feelings for you.
    Pure, unpolished, and raw.
    But even then, you will never know.