• a kiss is a moment of time with and with out definition

    it can be a quick hello or a subduction

    it is the simplest complex thing of loves function

    but what is love about

    peoples still alone trying to find love like a scout

    in the bck of a tree around the corner

    but still love they don't see

    the few people that see

    have a you and me

    love is cruel bitter and unkind

    yet the best that one can find

    the closest some have to love is a mirror

    sad about others love n the good that they hear

    they cant start

    to star about there heart

    left alone for the corner like there just thrown away

    yet they look for the love night and day

    i still cant start

    to start to talk about my wounded heart

    i go i venture out

    just to be told whats love about

    so i hear it

    my definition

    caution to all that believe in superstition

    knowledge empowers the mind

    experience the good the bad and unkind

    making things wrong doing mistakes

    yet it still hurts and my heart breaks

    butterflys in the stomach becomes a pain in my neck

    and this is my definition of love

    my train wreck