• Just a lonely girl,
    Sitting on her bed,
    Her heart's full of pain,
    And her head's full of stress,
    Which makes it harder to rest.

    Not knowing whats wrong or right,
    Not so sure what to do,
    Trapped in this thing called life,
    Thinking of you.

    Whats up with her losing streak?
    It's just like a broken dream,
    Shes so shocked she can't even speak,
    The sorrow makes her feel so weak.

    It's so hard to hold back the tears,
    She doesn't have enough courage to face her fears,
    She can't fake that devious smile,
    She wants to cry every once in a while.

    Such a good girl,
    Trapped in this sinful world,
    And she wants out,
    Because shes unwanted and uneeded,
    Just like a disease,
    And She wants to be like me,